Marisa Sgori

is finishing up her senior year of college and is thankful that Around Philly has given her the chance to make the most of her favorite activities, writing and exploring such an awesome city. You might also recognize Marisa as the face of, braving the crowds at the hottest events, making sure that the City of Brotherly Love knows how to party.


Reptar959 said...

Hey Marisa,

My name is Matthew Isenberg and I'm writing to ask you if you would be so kind to support a short, comedic video that my best friend and I recently made. It's a short video (0:47 sec) that's a commercial for a (fake) product called Soup Boots! Soup Boots are the first soup to come in a boot and we are extremely proud to be the first to provide them. My friend Dave and I are two young, local philly guys (I'm of Gladwyne, he's of Exton, both 25) and would really love the support of our local community. I hope that you enjoy the video and if you like it please feel free to share it with whomever you like! : ) Thank you Marisa!

Ragu Vardan said...

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